There are four different ways that a student can be dismissed. Students are dismissed via Bus/Daycare Van, students can be Car-Riders, students can be Walkers/Bike Riders, and students can attend Kidzone. Even if students are not Car-Riders every day, if there is a chance that your student will be a car-rider (inclement weather, special circumstances), you will need to read and follow the procedures for a car-rider. Here are brief overviews of the changes to those four ways.

Bus/Daycare Van

If students take a Bus/Daycare Van from school, the only change to the procedure is that students will no longer be waiting outside for the transportation to arrive.


Hang Up Before you Pick Up

The entry to the carline remains the south driveway. The carline continues as one line until vehicles reach the parking lot area. At the point, we will split the carline between the Main Campus (2nd Grade- 5 th Grade) and the Primary Learning Center (Kindergarten and 1 st Grade + siblings.) Students will be called for dismissal at that time via walkie-talkie and called to a designated location. Students will no longer be waiting along the curbs. They will be waiting in a designated location in a building until called.

It is absolutely essential to sign for car-rider tags prior to picking a student up in a car for dismissal. The Main Campus car-rider tag will be blue. The PLC car-rider tag will be yellow. You can sign for these tags during Meet the Teacher or throughout the school year during regular school hours. Vehicles/parents that do not have one of the official car rider tags will be kindly asked to park and to sign a child out in the main administrative office. By signing for an official car-rider tag, parents are a granting permission for that student to be picked up by the possessor of the tag.

Walkers/Biker Riders

Our students that walk or ride a bike home will be escorted to one of three locations based upon how they exit the campus.

Students that cross Lockwood Boulevard and then head in either direction will be escorted to the Bike Rack in front of Building 6.

Students that exit to the north (towards Seminole State) and do not need to cross Lockwood Boulevard will be escorted to the Bike Rack in front at the corner of Building 1.

Students that exit to the south (towards UCF) and do not need to cross Lockwood Boulevard will be escorted to the area just past the kindergarten playground.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade parents will need to walk with an adult or older sibling. Parents and older siblings that do not attend Carillon will have to wait to meet their students at one of those three different locations. If you are a parent that meets a child and you do not know where to wait, you will be kindly directed to one of those three locations. It is important that our walkers head home. Dismissal is not the time for playing on the playground or along sidewalks

Dismissal Arrangements 

Please be certain that your child understands transportation arrangements before leaving home in the morning. A note to your child’s teacher indicating any change in transportation MUST be sent each time there is a change, or your child will be sent home the usual way. In cases of emergency, transportation changes may be given to the receptionist in the Front Office. DO NOT leave transportation changes on a teacher’s voice-mail.

Only regularly scheduled bus students are to ride the school buses. Students will not be allowed to ride a bus or a different bus, unless it is for emergency reasons related to the health, welfare, and safety of the student. Permission will not be granted for purposes of convenience. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their own children while at the bus stop.

If you transport your child to school by car, please observe the traffic directions within the parking lot. Students will wait on the sidewalk after school until you drive by to pick them up. In the interest of safety, DO NOT signal to your child to come to you when he/she must pass in front of cars, even if they are not moving at that time. For the safety of all children, students who are 'car riders' will only be dismissed to a car in line. Please DO NOT walk through the parking lot to pick up your child.  No one is permitted to walk  to the classroom door to pick up a child.

If your child walks or rides a bike, please discuss arrangements with your child about what to do on rainy days. On rainy days (heavy rain or lightning), walkers and bike riders will be held until the end of dismissal to provide time for parents to pick up children by car. We do not have adequate phones available for all students to call home. If you are meeting your walker/biker, please wait at the designated area.